A Montage Of People Losing It Over Cuphead’s Insane Difficulty

It’s no secret at this point that Cuphead is insanely ridiculous. Whilst it’s a satisfyingly difficult challenge, there’s no doubt that when people die time and time again, they’re going to absolutely lose it.

YouTuber CrowBCat has created a stunning montage of streamers who have played the game online and have absolutely lost it live whilst playing. It’s every bit as glorious as you’d expect it to be.

Here’s what Brodie had to say about Cuphead’s difficulty in his review: “At the beginning of any boss fight, you’ll be given the option of Simple and Regular difficulty. Of the two, Regular is where the challenge lies and only by toppling each and every one can you obtain the soul contracts you need to reach the endgame. Simple is going to be a manageable way to see most of what Cuphead has to offer, but Regular fights have an extra phase that sees the boss transform into a grotesque abomination. It’s so damn cool to see a fight you’re already familiar with flip on its head and become a whole new hurdle.”

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