This Letter Could Have Inspired No Man’s Sky Coming To Xbox One

Overnight, it was announced that No Man’s Sky was coming to Xbox One, something that quite frankly nobody saw coming.

Well, Sean Murray AKA the creator of No Man’s Sky (and someone that copped a lot of flack after it released on PS4) has published a letter from an 11 year old that has obviously at least semi inspired the game coming to Xbox One.

Part of the letter reads: 

“I am 11 years old… I have been doing some research about the game and I have found out that it’s only two platforms are the PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Windows Computer. Now I’m pretty sure you are thinkin that this is just another letter from from a kid, asking you to add No Man’s Sky to Xbox or something. But I believe that I can persuade you guys to do this game to Xbox because this is my dream game. I have an iPhone and an Xbox, not anything that I can play no Man’s Sky on, so I pleadingly ask you, to at least think about adding it to Xbox, please.”