The Xbox One Is Selling Better Than This Time Last Year

Xbox has today announced their console business has started off 2018 in a positive way.

They’ve announced a “record setting” start to the year which includes Xbox One sales being up 15 percent compared to this time last year and Xbox Live users are also up 13 percent. They’re putting this down to games such as Far Cry 5 and Fortnite which both play better on the Xbox One X.

Whilst this news is obviously positive for Microsoft, it’s not really clear how positive. Unlike Nintendo and PlayStation, Microsoft stopped revealing sales numbers for the Xbox One meaning that we don’t really have a great indication of how many units the growth actually indicates. It’s also unclear what the defined period is.

Regardless, the Xbox One X has been a success in terms of performance, so it’s good to see it paying off and it’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft bring at E3 in order to maintain momentum.