Xbox Series S
concept from Reddit user /u/jiveduder.

Xbox Series S Will Apparently Be The Lower Powered Next Gen Xbox With Reveal Event To Come In May

The rumour mill is open again, with Windows Central reporting some new information about the long-rumored Xbox Lockhart, which is expected to be called ‘Xbox Series S’.

Microsoft is expected to reveal the Xbox “Lockhart” which will be an entry point to next-gen gaming (replacing the Xbox One X). This will be more affordable than the Xbox Series X but still provide more features such as faster loading speeds via NVME and limited ray-tracing. Windows Central is reporting that the Xbox Series S will have 4TFs (compared to the Xbox Series X’s 12TFs).

It’s also being reported that Lockhart or Xbox Series S is almost at the point that Xbox employees can take the system home and start providing feedback.

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Windows Central is also reporting that an Xbox Series X/S reveal event will happen in May with software such as Playground Games’ long-rumoured Fable reboot as well as Halo Infinite.

It’s also being reported that a new wireless headset is in the works to replace the 2014 Xbox Stereo Headset. This headset will be fully wireless and compatible with Xbox, PC and mobile devices.

Obviously, with a pandemic taking place, everything is more uncertain than ever and dates and timelines are prone to shifting. The recent cancellation of E3 obvously makes things even worse in terms of what Microsoft and Sony had planned in terms of when to show off their console and software throughout the year.