Flight Simulator Beta

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Closed Beta Takes Off On July 30

Once it goes through the final stages of testing, Microsoft Flight Simulator will enter a closed beta period to close out the month on July 30.

Pilots who took part in the game’s alpha are granted immediate access, though another run of alpha invites have gone out recently to those who signed up initially. Invitations to the beta will be sent to those within the Insiders program as it rolls out.

For an idea of how demanding this game will be for PC rigs out there, VG247 detailed the specs.

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It’s entirely possible that we’ll get a better look at Microsoft Flight Simulator at this month’s Xbox Games Showcase. Given the game doesn’t have an official release date, it’d be the perfect time to reveal that while celebrating Microsoft’s first-party stable.

Patch notes for the game’s new update, which provides fixes to the flight model as well as general bugs, can be found here.