Xbox Series X S Box

Here’s The Xbox Series X/S Packaging And Exact Size Of Each Console

Last week we got our first look at the Xbox Series X box, but now we’ve got official shots of both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X packaging. Both consoles don’t stray to far from their Xbox One S/Xbox One X counterparts. The Xbox Series X leans more into the black grill with green tint whilst the Xbox Series S features that black vent heavily.

We also have dimensions for each console, so you can now get measuring to see if the Xbox Series X will fit into your entertainment unit.

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Xbox Measurements

The Xbox Series X weights 4.8kg and is 301mm tall and 151mm wide/deep. The Xbox Series S weighs 1.8kg and is 275mm tall, 15.1cm deep and 6.5cm wide.

The Xbox Series X/S releases on November 10th for $749 and $499 AUD respectively.