Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X Has 802GB Of Usable Storage Out Of The Box

The first hands-on impressions for the Xbox Series X have landed tonight (ours are still on the way), but obviously storage has been the big talking point with external storage costing a lot for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

IGN’s impressions note that the Xbox Series X has 802GB of useable space after the OS and system files. The external Seagate SSD is a little bit better with roughly 900gb of usable space out of the box.

Obviously, it’s probably about what we expected, but good to know. With the PS5 only having an 825GB SSD, it’s pretty worrying to think about the usable space that that might have out of the box.

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The next-gen launches are creeping up on us now. Expect lots of Xbox Series X and PS5 information to hit in the coming weeks and months.

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