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The Xbox Series X/S Will Allow You To Uninstall Parts Of Games To Free Up Storage

It’s no secret at this point that storage on next-gen consoles is going to be tighter than we’re used to, with the Xbox Series X coming with 802GB of useable storage and the PS5 coming with even less than that, but Microsoft has today spoken about something that will hopefully help at least a little bit.

A new feature on the Xbox Series X/S will allow us to remove components of a game where possible. For instance, if a game has a multiplayer and single-player component and you’ve downloaded both, but then finished the campaign and want to retain the multiplayer portion, you can delete the campaign and save yourself some storage.

Xbox Director of Program Management Jason Ronald has the below to say in a recent podcast: 

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“As an example, one of the new features that we’re adding is actually for—if a title chooses to support it—the ability to selectively uninstall different components of the game.

“So, let’s say you play a campaign as an example, and then you want to focus exclusively on multiplayer. If the developers chose to support it you can actually uninstall the campaign itself so that you can be more in control of how you’re actually using your storage, so that you really get the most benefit out of the available storage that you have.”

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