Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s Story Trailer Embraces The Darkness

The journey to get here has been a slow burn but the Darkness is finally on the doorstep in Destiny 2, and the next major expansion Beyond Light is set to embrace it entirely.

The expansion’s story trailer focuses primarily on the Fallen who, through their leader Eramis, are rallying under a mysterious artifact that bestows to them powers of Stasis. Of course, these will hardly be an edge for the warring faction as the player is also expected to stumble upon these same powers during their quest in Beyond Light.

Although it introduces us to the game’s big bad and sets the scene for the expansion in a general sense, there’s a lot that’s still left to be answered in Beyond Light. It’s unknown at this stage how big a role Variks will play, or how he’ll be received, given his second-hand involvement in Lord Uldren killing Cayde-6 in cold blood.

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We also see a glimpse of the Exo-Stranger, who’s been shrouded in mystery since the inception of the franchise.

That said, the things we can say for certain is that the expansion’s Europa setting is a visual feast that embraces the cold nature of the new Stasis abilities. It’s also worth noting that Beyond Light’s soundtrack, which we get a large sample of in this story trailer, appears to slap and has a heavy electronica feel.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light releases on November 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC while the next-gen upgrades for both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will arrive a month later on December 8.

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