Here Are 13 Unsettling Minutes Of Scorn Gameplay Running On Xbox Series X

After being revealed back at the Xbox Series X software showcase back in May, we’ve finally had an extended look at the H.R. Giger-inspired horror-shooter Scorn developed by Ebb Software.

The thirteen-minute demo is a slow, methodical traipse through an unsettling, atmospheric nightmare world. It looks like a very tense, slower-paced shooter compared to something like Doom which, although hellish in its own right, has remerged as a fast-paced arena shooter.

Scorn is being developed for the Xbox Series X and S, and it’s said that the above capture is the game running on the Series X hardware.

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Coupled with its startling imagery, Scorn looks like a game that is designed to disorient the player. There’s a palpable mood that looks as though it’ll only truly be felt once the controller is in hand, but Scorn does look to do a lot right. It looks as though the walls could crawl and the guns you handle breathe as if organic, it’s downright creepy.

Scorn is set for release sometime in 2021 and will be available for Xbox Game Pass.

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