Xbox Series X

Xbox Really Doesn’t Want You To Vape Into Your Xbox Series X

We’re absolutely loving the Xbox Series X so far and while we can agree that 4k gameplay at 120 fps is pretty lit, we have to insist that this is absolutely no reason to call the fire marshall.

Avid conspiracies and disheartening rumours about launch shipment consoles were doing their rounds on the internet long before the Xbox Series X/S launched earlier this week but now that people actually have the devices in their hands, they’re taking it to the next level and getting pretty creative with trying to defame the next generation.  One particularly hot conspiracy took centre stage on launch day after several users posted videos of their Xbox Series X allegedly so extremely overheated that it was burning plastic on the inside and churning out heavy smoke.

These reports, however, were pretty swiftly debunked and the real reason for the smoke pouring out of Microsoft’s new console is…pretty weird. As it turns out, instead of playing their new console until it cremates itself, these pranksters are switching the console off, blowing smoke around its base and allowing the internal fans to do their thing and extract it.

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Here’s what it looks like behind the scene:

As a day one consumer, this was a pretty big relief for me. I spent the first night with my Series X frequently checking the temperature and praying to our lord and saviour Phil Spencer that I wouldn’t have to use a fire extinguisher on my new console. Xbox, however, was a little more surprised than relieved about the hoax but nonetheless took to Twitter to make what must be the most unusual PSA we’ve heard from the gaming giant all year.

We don’t think we have to reiterate it at this point but just for good measure, the team at Press Start concurs; DO NOT vape into your Xbox Series X…or any of your other consoles for that matter! If you want to know more about Xbox Series X/S, including our latest previews, you can check them out on our launch hub right here.

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