Xbox SEries X Night Mode
CREDIT: Tom Warren

The Xbox Series X Is Getting A Night Mode

Microsoft is currently in the process of testing an all-new “Night Mode” with features designed to provide some added comfort for your after-hours gaming sessions. According to the Xbox Insider Release Notes, Alpha Skip-Ahead can already begin testing these new features that include the ability to dim and filter their screen, as well as dim their console & controller LED brightness.

The optional blue light filter is aimed at theoretically reducing eye strain by limiting the amount of blue light emitted from your screen, which can inhibit the production of melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. In addition, you can also temporarily disable HDR with night mode to avoid high contrast and bright images which can also have a negative impact on sleep patterns. You can toggle these features manually but you’ll also have the option to schedule them either at fixed times or to coincide with sunset and sunrise based on your location.

Xbox “Night Mode” is currently only available to Xbox Insiders within the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring but is likely to become available to other Insiders in the near future. A public release may, however, be a little while away as we’re sure Night Mode presents a set of highly desired features that Microsoft will want to perfect before its official launch.

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