xbox live outage 2022

Xbox Is Still Working On A Proper Fix For Users That Can’t Launch Games Following Server Issues

Let's hope that a better DRM experience is on the cards

Following a massive server outage over the weekend that completely took out the Xbox Live network and prevented users from playing online or even launching their Xbox games, Microsoft has issued a statement that it’s taking steps towards a full fix to the ongoing issue.

While things are back to normal for most of us, the flow-on effect of the outage is still having an effect on some players who have since been unable to boot up even offline games thanks to a heavy-handed approach to digital DRM.

The Xbox Support Twitter account posted in the early hours of this morning that users can expect “full mitigation” of the issues in the coming days with a new update. Exactly what said update will do to ensure this is resolved is still a mystery, but obviously the best case scenario would be something that improves offline playability on Xbox consoles.

While it makes some degree of sense (though still frustrating) that Game Pass titles and online-only games were rendered unplayable during and after the outage, the fact that something like this has managed to render Xbox consoles the world over essentially useless is worrying, so hopefully this messaging indicates that Microsoft is working not just on a fix for their servers but also a better DRM experience for end users.