Xbox Is Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Across The Globe With New Support Programs And Artist Collaborations

Recognising International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

Tuesday, August 9th was International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, a day designed to raise awareness and protect the rights of the world’s Indigenous population. It’s a day observed in recognition of Indigenous people’s continued importance and contribution to protecting the world we live in and the rights and safety of the people that live in it.

Xbox has once again worked to observe and celebrate the day itself but also set up ongoing support for Indigenous communities through its purpose-built community groups. This year, it’s adding support for a number of (US/Canada based) Indigenous support organizations to its line-up of charities that Xbox users in those regions can donate to using their Microsoft Rewards points.

A number of Indigenous streamers are being spotlighted through Xbox Plays this week as well, which you can catch on the Xbox Twitch Channel up until Friday, August 12.

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Lastly, new gamerpics, profile themes and avatar items will be released throughout August as well as new Xbox spheres designed in partnership with Indigenous artists across the globe, including Australia’s very own, very talented Rubii Red. You can see Rubii’s excellent Xbox sphere design at the top of this article as well as pride-of-place as the display picture for Xbox ANZ’s social pages.


You can check out the full Xbox post with all of the artist contributions and a very heartfelt introduction from Jenn Panattoni, Head of Xbox Social Impact and Co-Lead for Xbox’s Indigenous Community Group, right here.

Header Image Credit: Rubii Red (@lifeofrubii)