Overwatch 2: Rammatra Ultimate Ability

A Bunch Of Stuff About The New Overwatch 2 Hero Has Already Leaked

Rammatra Looks Like a Badass!

Yesterday, we reported on Blizzard revealing Rammatra, a new tank hero coming to Season 2 of Overwatch 2. In this, we described how Blizzard aired an animated short about Rammatra’s origin story but didn’t feature any in-game or gameplay footage of the new hero. We also mentioned that despite their eagerness to share the new tank with us, Blizzard remained pretty tight-lipped about Rammatra’s unique abilities, pending a big unveiling in the near future.

Less than twenty-four hours after Blizzard’s official announcement, however, several leaked in-game images have popped up in various corners of the Internet, and as expected, eagle-eyed fans are using these images to deduce the details of Ramattra’s ability kit.

So, without further adieu, let’s get into some of the most likely or at least most interesting theories so far.


Let’s start with an easy one. We can see pretty clearly from the images that Rammatra has a health pool of at least 450. We can also see 150 additional armour points that presumably only apply when he is in Nemesis form.

Ability 1

Overwatch 2: Rammatra in Nemesis Form

Fans speculate that his first ability is a form shift. This ability allows Rammatra to switch from his standard Omnic form to a bigger and more aggressive juggernaut-like form called Nemesis. In Omnic form, Rammatra uses his staff, most likely to deal ranged damage and maybe to apply a defence buff to heroes on his team.

Ability 2

Overwatch 2: Rammatra Abilityrm

Rammatra’s second ability, shown above, is more difficult to decipher. However, most Overwatch theorists seem to agree that this ability, referred to as “Vortex”, looks like a trap. This trap could be an area of effect where enemies are stunned, rooted, slowed, or confined for a short time. It’s also been suggested that it may prevent them from using abilities other than primary fire and ground airborne heroes like Pharah or Echo.

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Ability 3

Overwatch 2: Rammatra's Block Ability


This ability may depend on whether Rammatra is in Omnic or Nemesis. In Nemesis form, it looks like the ability puts Rammatra into a defensive stance, blocking enemy attacks so that he can push a point or penetrate enemy lines. This would effectively turn Rammatra into a battering ram, and will be great for tanks with a more aggressive playstyle.

Ultimate Ability

When we spoke to the developers earlier this week, they warned us that Rammatra’s ultimate ability is not something to take lightly. When in his Nemesis form, Rammatra bolsters his size, Hulkbuster style, increasing his defences to assault the enemy line. We don’t have official information about his ultimate ability, but we know that he has to be in Nemesis form to use it. Looking at the leaked images, it appears that his ultimate could be a charged melee strike, perhaps something similar to Reinhardt’s Earthshatter.

Overwatch 2: Rammatra Wielding Staff

Of course, this is all speculative at this stage, and we’re unlikely to know exactly what we’re in for until Blizzard themselves lift the lid on their new tank. Still, it’s exciting to score an early look at Rammatra’s awesome in-game character model and fun to surmise what might be in store for the Null Sector leader.

Rammatra is coming to Overwatch 2 on December 6, 2022, the first day of Season 2. Overwatch 2 is free to play and available on Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 4/5, Nintendo Switch and PC via Battlenet.  Click here to learn more about Overwatch 2’s battle pass tiers, seasons and hero unlocks. If you want to know what we thought about Overwatch 2 when we played it last month, you can read our full review here.