xbox mini controller hoodie

Xbox Is Selling Mini Controller Hoodies And They’re Absolutely Adorable

No more cold, naked controllers!

The Xbox Gear Shop has a whole range of new goodies available for the holiday season, at least in the Northern Hemisphere sense of it anyway with Winter-themed merch and gifts galore. While it’s maybe jarring for us down under to be picking up things like Xbox-themed holiday sweaters, there’s at least one new piece of gear that caught our eye as being too good to pass up.

I give you, the Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie:

xbox mini controller hoodie

There’s not really much more I can say about this. It’s a one-size-fits-all mini hoodie for your Xbox Wireless Controller or Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller (or any of them, really). You could even wear your own hoodie out of the many designs available on the Xbox Gear Shop while your controller wears this one – though you’ll have to awkwardly undress it if you actually want to play anything.

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These are coming from the US but they ship to Australia and cost a not-unreasonable $37.95. Grab yours here.

Now if only we could convince Xbox to release a singlet and budgie smugglers for Aussie controllers over the summer we’d be set.