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A Special Edition Diablo IV Xbox Series X Console Might Be Coming

Hell yeah!

Xbox might be getting ready to unveil a special edition Xbox Series X console themed on the Blizzard’s upcoming and hotly-anticipated sequel, Diablo IV.

That’s according to trusted, regular PlayStation Plus library-leaker, billbill-kun, who posted that references to an “Xbox Series X Diablo IV Edition” console have been spotted. They make particular note that this product listing doesn’t include the word “bundle” which could imply it is indeed a unique console and not just a package with the game, although no designs have leaked so that’s not concrete just yet.


According to billbil-kun, the console will be launching on June 6th (the same day as Diablo IV) and will retail for $559.99 USD – $60 USD more than the standard console and the same price as the Forza Horizon 5 bundle – meaning this couldjust be another box with a code for the game in it, but this one at least comes with a game that’s not already included in Xbox Game Pass.

Diablo IV recently ran its two beta weekends, one for players who’d pre-ordered the game and one open to everyone, and despite some initial queuing issues due to its popularity the reception has been fairly positive.

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In our own hands-on preview last year we said, “Diablo IV is unmistakably Diablo-esque in feel and appearance, and nobody should be fooled into believing they are playing anything but a classic Blizzard banger. Still, the developers have made great strides in ensuring that this new entry honours the legacy of the Diablo franchise while shaking it up just enough to meet the expectations of the modern gamer.”

Diablo IV launches on June 6, 2023, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Amazon currently has the cheapest pre-order at $79 with free shipping.