UPDATED: A Special Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller May Have Leaked

Looks out of this world.

Update: This one may be too good to be true, as additional reports have claimed that a modding enthusiast had originally listed this controller on a resale app and has since removed it out of fear of repercussions – meaning that, while this could still be an early manufactured product gone AWOL – it’s more likely a custom job, albeit an incredible one.

Images of a special edition Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller have appeared online in a potential leak, first via Chinese websites and then eventually making their way to the likes of Reddit and Resetera.

The controller could very well be an elaborate fake, but it’s an incredibly convincing one if so, and honestly the kind of superbly-done design that I would expect as a tie-in to a game of this importance to Xbox. You can take a look at the images via the below Imgur gallery (while they remain online).


Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller

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Some of the notable features on this controller design are the stark white and grey body with splashes of Starfield’s recognisable coloured stripes, with spaceship control motifs around all of the controller’s grayscale buttons, a chrome d-pad, red back panel with “PROPERTY OF CONSTELLATION” on the outer battery casing and “FOR ALL, INTO THE STARFIELD” on the inside battery casing.

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Again, if this turns out to be a hoax, I’d hope Xbox hires whoever designed it because this thing is beautiful. If it’s real though, I sure hope there’s an equally-gorgeous special edition Xbox Series X console to go along with it.

Starfield’s release date was recently pushed back from a H1 2023 window to a firm date of September 6th, 2023, so there’s every chance that matching hardware was already well into production before the delay was decided on.

Our next major look at the game should be coming via a special showcase in June, following the Xbox Games Showcase on June 11th/12th.

Starfield will be available for Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6th, 2023. It’ll be included with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscriptions on day one and carries an R18+ classification rating in Australia.