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Uber Eats Will Be Delivering Starfield Items IRL In Sydney This Weekend

This is neat!

You’ve got to hand it to the folks at Bethesda ANZ, they know how to turn out a fun bit of marketing.

Their latest effort is an enticing one for Sydney Starfield fans, who’ll be able to order a range of limited edition in-game items from Starfield to their actual, physical door. These items will be available this coming weekend October 14th – October 15th only, either until the end of the weekend or when they inevitably sell out.

The promotional video below, which leans into Uber Eats’ “almost, almost anything” catch cry, confirms you won’t be able to order a new spacesuit or a bundle of alien jerky, but here’s a list of what will  be available:

Food & Drink:

  • Starfield ‘Bitten’ Sandwich (A salami and cheese sandwich) – [$7.50]
  • Starfield Chunks (Red Cheesecake and Constellation) – [$9.40]
  • Starfield Tranquilitea Space Bean Espresso Coffee Bag – [$16.50]
  • Starfield Boom Pop! (Cola, Cherry, Orange, and Root Beer) – [$7.50]
  • Centauri Mills Cheddar Snack Crackers – [$9.00]
  • Advanced Nutrition Snack Pack (Choco Bites, White Choco Bites, and Gummi Bugs) – [$7.50]
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Exclusive Merch Items:

  • Starfield Nova Galactic Mug – [$5.50]
  • Starfield Constellation Toilet Paper – [$1.20]
  • Starfield Nova Galactic Flight Manual – [$12.00]
  • Starfield TerraBrew “To Go” Cup – [$5.00]
  • Constellation Succulent Plant & Pot – [$12.00]

We gave Starfield a huge 9/10 in our review when it launched last month, saying “If what you’re hoping for is The Elder Scrolls or Fallout in space, then Starfield is that. Not only does it have countless stories begging to be sought out against a vast and beckoning star chart, it’s also the most polished Bethesda Game Studios title we’ve ever had.”