Gold Road Is The Elder Scrolls Online’s Next Major Chapter And Brings A New Level Of Skill Customisation

The Daedroth formally known as Prince.

At today’s ESO Global Reveal following the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct, the world got its first look at the huge new Chapter coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in 2024, titled Gold Road.

This exciting new adventure in the hugely-popular MMO is launching on June 3rd for PC and June 18th for consoles and will take players to the brand new zone of West Weald, situated between Cyrodiil and Gold Coast and housing the main hub city of Skingrad, to continue the storyline from Necrom’s cliffhanger ending.


Following on from the huge reveal in the Necrom Chapter that there’s another Daedric Prince, Ithelia, with a power over reality and fate that was so feared it caused her to be locked away and all memory of her wiped from existence. Now, as players arrive in West Weald to find the zone in chaos with jungles seemingly springing up overnight and a displaced and amnesiac Ithelia wandering aimlessly while more incredible phenomena take place around her, they’ll have to work to find out more about this new Prince as well as deal with a splinter group of wood elves working to restore Ithelia’s powers.

It’s bound to be an exciting new addition for players invested in the continuing storylines of ESO and also lends itself to some pretty spectacular views with three major biomes offering up jungles, autumn forests and rocky highlands along with Ithelia’s colourful, crystalline aesthetic.

From a gameplay perspective, Gold Road is also introducing a number of exciting new features, the biggest of which is the new Scribing system exclusive to the Chapter. Letting players toy with the nature of magic itself in this psuedo-precursor to spellcrafting, Scribing offers up the opportunity to collect and customise unique skills by editing their primary, secondary, and tertiary effect to truly tailor their builds and playstyles. Players will even be able to style their abilities’ visual FX with things like new colours, with 22 styles coming at launch which can be earned in-game.

Of course, Gold Road is also a full new Chapter and will feature everything you’d normally associate with one including new objectives, delves, world events and bosses, dungeons, a new 12-player trial and more.

You can learn more about Gold Road and The Elder Scrolls Online over at the official website.