Forza Motorsport’s Divisive Progression System Has Gotten An Overhaul In Today’s Major Update

Forza better of everyone.

Update 6 for Forza Motorsport is due to launch in the early hours of tomorrow morning, around 5AM AEDT, and while this new major update won’t bring with it a fresh track for players to race on as it usually might, it will come with some long-requested changes to how car progression works in-game.

The Car Level system has been a sticking point for players since Forza Motorsport launched last year, with restrictions on what parts players can install and when based on a level that needed to be raised per car through play. At the time, Turn 10’s justification for the system was loosely that it wanted players to feel a connection to just a small number of cars rather than feel compelled to dip a toe into dozens or even hundreds of different vehicles, but regardless of intention it was one of the few criticisms that Agus had in his review of the game.

Now, while Car Levels remain in place, players will be able to equip parts regardless of their chosen vehicle’s level, and will also be able to swap out their earned Credits for Car Points to level up their rides even faster.

“With the changes coming to Car Progression in Forza Motorsport Update 6, you will have the freedom to equip the parts you want to install on your car regardless of Car Level,” a blog post detailing the update reads.

“The first change is to remove the level restriction on performance parts, making them all available at Car Level 1. This allows players to install parts in any order they wish, regardless of Car Level. Whether it’s engine swaps, race tires, or body kits, you will have the freedom to build cars your way.

“Secondly, players can use in-game Credits to acquire Car Points when exiting the upgrade screen at a ratio of 4,500 Credits for 500 Car Points. This change gives you a choice to immediately upgrade your car using Credits, or if you’re saving your Credits, you can earn Car Points for upgrades through car leveling as before.”

Some other fixes and changes in Forza Motorsport’s Update 6 include:

  • Improved Drivatar AI behaviors at the beginning of races to reduce mid-field collisions and breakaway drivers at race start through Turn 1. [1728001, 1663637]
  • Rewind is now available to use at race start and after one or more Drivatar AI crosses the finish line before the player. [1577801, 1269413]
  • Fixed a crash when entering Private Multiplayer lobbies. [1711214, 1712940, 1692800]
  • Fixed a hard lock when transitioning from Race Results to Race Rewards after a race has been completed. [1709973]
  • On PC, VRAM usage estimates for many graphics settings have been updated to be more accurate. [1593495]
  • Fixed an issue where cars wrongly sampled Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion leading to flicker. [1689343]

You can see the full list here.