The Press Start Podcast – Are We Getting Old?

After 200 episodes of The Start Cast, we’ve decided to shake things up a little bit.

Introducing, The Press Start Podcast. With a new year and a new generation looming, we wanted to relaunch our podcast. It’s the same format that you’re used to and we’ll still be discussing the hottest topics in games every week.

If you had previously subscribed on Apple Podcasts, you should still be subscribed (it might take a few more days to refresh). We’re also now on Spotify and you can also listen below on Omny.

On this episode of The Press Start Podcast, we chatted about EB Games stopping trades for certain platforms, PlayStation skipping E3, the best selling games of the decade and we’re back with another thrilling round of What the Wiki.


  • 11:24 – EB stopping trades
  • 17:55 – PlayStation skipping E3
  • 24:54 – Best selling games of the decade
  • 31:23 – What the wiki