press start podcast 08-03

Counter-Strike 2 Could Be Announced Soon But Might Not Be What You Think – The Press Start Podcast

What The Wiki?! gets weird.

The full squad assembles to discuss Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Counter-Strike 2 potentially being announced soon, Metroid Fusion coming to Switch, Hogwarts Legacy getting delayed (again) for PS4 and Xbox One and our favourite novelty controllers. We also have one of the most ridiculous rounds of What The Wiki?! so far this season.

Don’t forget, the podcast is available in full as a video version on our YouTube channel:

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00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Impressions
07:21 – Counter-Strike 2 Reportedly Coming Soon
15:39 – Metroid Fusion Coming to Nintendo Switch
19:28 – Nintendo Switch’s 6th Birthday
23:08 – Hogwarts Legacy Delayed for PS4/Xbox One (Again)
28:08 – The Wolf Among Us 2 Delayed
30:01 – Our Favourite Novelty Controllers
34:46 – What the Wiki?!
40:17 – Outro