1-2 Switch Is More Weird Than Wonderful (Nintendo Switch Hands-On Impressions)

Ewan and Shannon recently got to attend a Nintendo Switch preview event in Melbourne to try out Nintendo Switch launch window titles. 1-2 Switch is a launch title for Nintendo Switch and will release alongside the console on March 3rd. EWAN-1-2-SWITCH

HYPE LEVEL: 1-2/10

Nintendo have a reputation for being weird and wonderful, but I’m disappointed to say that 1-2-Switch is more weird than wonderful.

The launch title consists of a variety of mini-games with an emphasis on looking away from the screen, interacting solely with other players and the motion controls. There’s everything from Quick Draw, where you must be the fastest to shoot your opponent, to Eating Contest, where you pretend to eat in sight of the Joy-Con’s IR sensor in an effort to eat the most subs within the time limit.


It’s dumb fun. That is to say, whilst fun, it is also really dumb. It might be the kind of game I reach for to have a laugh with some mates, only after a few drinks of course, but I can’t see the fun lasting long. Once Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is out, and hopefully a Mario Party or Smash Bros game down the line, there ought to be far superior party games available.

To put it bluntly, 1-2-Switch seems to be a waste of time and money. It’s a tech demo that ought to have been bundled in with the console. Even then, it would be a mile away from being of Wii Sports’ quality.1-2-SWITCH-SHANNON


Honestly, the Nintendo pack-ins in recent console history have been quite remarkable. All the way back to Mario with the NES, Mario All-stars with the Super NES, Wii Sports with the Wii and even more recently Nintendo Land with the Wii U. 

Nintendo know how to make their consoles shine with software and unfortunately, not only is 1-2 Switch looking like it’s not worthy of $70, I’m not even sure it’s worthy of being a pack-in.

Don’t get me wrong, the Joy-con tech seems absolutely incredible and well beyond what I was hoping for. The ability for it to sense movement and distance as well as the HD rumble is incredible for a controller that size.

But unfortunately, 1-2 Switch is clearly a tech demo that should have been in the box for the pure fact, that it is the only launch title that truly shows off these features of the Joy-Con.


Personally, I got to play Quick Draw and Eating Contest. Quick Draw relied on you being the first person to shoot the other and Eating Contest uses the IR Sensor to sense your mouth opening and closing to have to eat a certain amount of subs in a certain amount of time. Both are hilarious games, but I can’t see you playing them more than a few times each.

Nintendo hasn’t revealed how many games will be in this package, that is apparently being created by WarioWare developers. We’ve seen 6-7 now, which involve you milking a car, sensing how many marbles are in your Joy-Con and unlocking a safe. All are hilarious, weird and interesting, but I’m still unsure about just how long the fun will last.

Unfortunately, I don’t see 1-2 Switch being a timeless classic like Mario, Super Mario All-Stars or Wii Sports.