Review: Disney Infinity – Toy Story In Space

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For those who are expecting an epic adventure set in the Toy Story universe you may be disappointed. The Toy Story expansion takes place in space and whilst the setting is extremely unfamiliar, all the characters that you’d expect are here. Rex, Hamm and those crazy little aliens are all featured and seem to really fit their originals character representations well. It was good to see the Toy Story characters interact within a new universe.

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The Toy Story In Space play set looks as you’d expect. It’s a great representation of the Toy Story universe and is a lot more interesting than other playsets, purely for the fact that this is a setting that I’ never really seen before. It’s not as colorful as the other playsets but this is countered with a darker tone that will really intrigue Disney fans.

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Unfortunately there are still quite a few problems with slowdown on the Wii U version. One thing that I absolutely loved was the fact that a lot of the characters are voiced by their original voice actors. This makes all the difference to Disney fans.

Toy story gameplay
As with the other additional playsets, you get two characters. Disney have been smart in including Buzz and Jessie in the playset whilst requiring you to buy Woody separately. I wouldn’t have minded this if it wasn’t for the fact that Woody isn’t available at launch here in Australia.

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The mission structure in this new playset is exactly as you’d expect from playing the previous ones. As Jessie or Buzz, your main mission is to help transport the Pizza Planet Aliens to a brand new world.

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Expect the usual dose of platforming and climbing. I found that making jumpers were a lot more difficult until you unlock Buzz’s jetpack. Once you unlock this fan favourite, you can glide around from jump to jump with absolute ease.

There’s also a ton of other unlockables that fans will be familiar with. Our favourite is definitely the blaster. It wasn’t until I unlocked it that I really felt that I was in a Toy Story universe. You can expect your romp around the intergalactic to last around 6-8 hours as per the other playsets.

toy story conclusion
Toy Story in Space is another great addition to the Disney Infinity universe. I can’t help but feel that 34.99 is quite a good deal for 6-8 hours of additional playtime when you’re getting two beautiful painted figurines. I wish that the structure differed a bit more from the other play sets but it seems like simplicity was a design decision made by the game designers.

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