Review: GAEMS Vanguard

The GAEMS Vanguard is a serious piece of tech. The first thing you will notice upon taking the unit out of the box is just how sleek the device is. The hard shell of the exterior is incredible sturdy yet amazingly light-weight for what the unit is. The unit itself without any console is around 5kg. The device is incredibly easy to carry with either a shoulder strap or handle for carrying. The unit is built into fitting into your carry-on luggage. The case is extremely well-designed and doesn’t have any unnecessary components weighing it down, or making it any bigger than it needs to be.

Unfortunately the only issue that I had with the unit was opening and closing it. The unit uses two claps to secure it closed which open and shut easy enough but unfortunately, there is nothing to hold onto when opening the unit, which can sometimes be quite tricky. This won’t be an issue if you’re using the device for in one spot for long periods of time like I was.

Another small gripe that I have with the system is the inability to run the cords whilst the unit is closed. This is probably not something that a lot of people would have an issue with but i’d love to be able to close this up every night without having to unplug the cords and leaving them loose along the floor.

The GAEMS Vanguard sports a beautiful 19-inch 1080i LED screen. It is matte which means that it works well in direct sunlight and has a wide 170-degree viewing angle which makes it better than the stereotypical LED display. Input-wise, it features a HDMI port, two stereo output jacks and an AC out port. The buttons on the system allow you to adjust brightness, sound, turn the system on and off and and also navigate the menu.

The most surprising thing about the unit for me was the incredible stereo speakers. For such a small unit, they’re surprisingly rich in sound and add to the gaming experience. I assumed that i’d need to use headphones with it but this simply isn’t the case, they’re just as good, if not better as my TV speakers.

The Vanguard houses the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One complete with the ability to house one or two controllers and any necessary cords. Naturally, the Xbox One feels the most snug inside the device but it’s still completely useable. The PS4 fits very well also and goes nicely with the unit and considering the power-brick is internal, this suits the unit even better.

Using the Vanguard is incredibly simple; just plug your device in and turn the device on either by the power button located below the screen or via the small, yet functional remote. You’re able to modify the usual display and audio settings such as brightness, colour and contrast. Overall I found the screen quality to be exceptional. I was really worried that it’d be a worse gaming experience moving away from my high-end LED television but this simply wasn’t the case. I was just as happy sitting in front of the GAEMS Vanguard and actually felt that it was a completely immersive experience.

The unit is small enough when closed to fit under a couch, bed or basically anywhere else that you’d like to put it. My primary use for the Vanguard is probably different to a lot of other gamers and this is why I couldn’t recommend it enough. I live in a small apartment with only one TV and over the last month, the unit has changed my gaming life. I’m able to put this on the floor, or next to my bed and use any of my gaming consoles in order to play on an amazing quality screen at any time. I’ve been able to fit in so many lengthy gaming sessions that I wouldn’t have been able to fit in before.