LucidSound LS30 Review – A New Generation Of Premium Gaming Audio

I’ve used a lot of different gaming headsets in my time, but the LucidSound LS30 headset oozed a premium feel whilst remaining easy to use and incredibly functional.

In the box, you get the headset, the USB base station, a removable boom mic, a USB charging cable, 360 chat cable, an Xbox One chat cable, an optical cable and a quick-start guide. I thought it was important to list everything due to the fact that this headset is compatible with just about every gaming platform out of the box, which is incredibly rare for a pair of headsets these days. The amount of cables is daunting at first, but the quick-start guide does a good job of helping you set up depending on which platform you’re gaming on.

Everything Included In The Box
Everything Included In The Box

Honestly, the first thing that struck me upon getting them out of the box is the fact that these don’t look like a gaming headset which is actually a good thing. Yes, they’re a little bulky but they look slick both in black and rose gold.

Not only is the headset stylish, it fits snug on your head. I wear glasses, so it’s important for a headset not to push too tightly on my head, a job that the LS30 exceeds at. In saying that, it’s equally important for them to stay on without falling down over time, a job that the LS30 also manages to nail.

The Headset Is Stylish
The Headset Is Incredibly Stylish

One of my favourite things about the LS30, was just how easy it was to change both the chat and game audio. The left and right cups entirely make up dials which allow you to easily adjust both the chat and game audio based on which ear you twist. A small detail but an important one. There’s nothing worse than fiddling around looking to find volume controls. Similarly, you’re able to quickly mute your mic or game audio completely by pushing on the sides of the cup.

I’m not an audiophile, but the sound quality of the LS30 felt beyond anything else that I’ve used when gaming. The sound was crisp, whilst still remaining deep enough to the point that I felt every single gunshot. The microphone quality is another point that blew me away. You’re able to use a microphone with the boom mic or the inbuilt microphone, but it was the quality of the boom mic that wowed my entire party. Without me saying anything, they proceeded to ask why I sounded so good, before I quickly realised that I was wearing the LS30 for the first time.

The Boom Mic Is Incredibly Clear
The Boom Mic Is Incredibly Clear

Whilst it won’t be an important point for a lot of buyers, I thought that it was worth mentioning that the LS 30 headset works quite well with PlayStation VR. Connecting via the provided 3.5mm cable, you’re able to get 3D audio, which sounds absolutely glorious. The more important thing is that the headset is quite comfortable to wear on top of the PlayStation VR headset.

Another important sticking point is the incredible battery life which lasts about 15 hours. There’s nothing more frustrating than your headset dying mid-battle, which will be a rare occurrence with the LS 30. There’s no dock included in the box, so it’s a really good thing that the headset has a decent battery.


The LucidSound LS30 is a really solid headset. Coming in at $249AUD, you can definitely spend a lot less and a lot more on a pair of headset, but the LS30 feels well-priced for a wireless headset that is stylish, easy to use and has a brilliant battery. You won’t be disappointed.