Andaseat Dark Demon Gaming Chair Review – Sturdy And Solid

I’ve never fully understood the fascination with gaming chairs, but I’ve been testing out Andaseat’s Dark Demon gaming chair for the last month or so, and I kind of understand it now. Despite the fact that they’re larger than most office chairs, they provide a decent amonut of support and flexibility to suit most body types.

There weren’t a huge amount of bells and whistles during the unboxing process. All of the parts were clearly labeled with instructions well laid out. In terms of putting the chair together it took roughly 15-20 minutes and went ahead without any issues.

The first thing I noticed was how smooth the glide of the wheels were. Coming from an IKEA chair that had an insanely awful lock on its wheels, the oversized wheels made absolutely no noise when rolling, didn’t scratch up my wooden floors and felt like they gave just the right amount of resistance when rolling around.


I tested the all black synthetic leather version of the chair and thought that the design was fairly nice and understated compared to most gaming chairs. I would have maybe likes a little less branding, but at least it’s inoffensive and hard to go wrong with a black/white combo. I found the material really easy to wipe down with a cloth, which is important when I’m spending so much time at my desk.

Impressions of the comfort of the chair are about what I expected. It’s an incredibly solid chair thanks to the steel frame, but I must admit, I would probably prefer something a little bit softer. You don’t exactly sink into the chair, which is what I’d normally like. I wouldn’t say it was uncomfortable to sit on, but just that it definitely is a firmer feel.


This was a similar case for the included head pillow and lumbar support cushion. These two were what I was excited about experiencing most with a gaming chair, and whilst it felt like they added support, they felt a little bit too hard for my taste, with not a lot of movements when I pressed against them. I would have proffered a softer memory foam that I can rest back into. There’s also not a lot of adjustability in them given they both have to strap onto one set spot.

If you’re somebody who wants to be able to put your backrest all the way back, this is possible with the Dark Demon as it goes all the way to 160 degrees and can sit upright at 90 degrees. I never felt like I was going to tip over when adjusting the back no matter how far I went back which is a positive. Obviously, you can lift the and drop the chair to any height with the hydraulic system.


I’m somebody who likes to be able to sort of rock in my chair (it’s an annoying habit) and the Dark Demon has the ability to change the resistance of how much you can rock back and forth via a knob under the seat. There’s also a handle on the right to quickly lock it into place to stop this from happening.


The arm rests on this chair are probably the best that I’ve experienced on a chair. They can go up and down, forwards and backwards, you can turn them in or out and you can also push them closer to you body or away from your body. My only wish was that I would have preferred them be even closer to my body. I like to keep my arms closer to my side and have my elbows on the arm rests and this just wasn’t possible with how they were setup.


All-in-all, if you’re after a study gaming chair, the Andaseat Dark Demon will definitely get the job done. It reclines, comes with a lumbar and neck pillow and allows you to adjust the armrests. I did lack a little bit of comfort when it came to certain areas, but it’s all going to come down to what you prefer in your chair.

The Andaseat Dark Demon is available to purchase on Amazon. You can find the listing right HERE.

The Andaseat Dark Demon gaming chair is a sturdy gaming chair that provides a decent amount of support. It's probably not the comfiest or most luxurious chair you can find, but it definitely does the job.
Sturdy and solid
Wheels provide smooth motion
Easy to put together
Neck pillow and lumbar support could be softer
Armrests should be closer into the body
Chair is on the stiffer side
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