Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Is Ridiculously Hard

Last week, we got to spend about five hours with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. We got to try a variety of modes and were honestly surprised with just how much is packed into the game.

This level was roughly 80% into the game and it’s honestly a nightmare. It took everyone in our session at least 3-4 tries just to get past it. Funnily enough, you don’t need to defeat all the enemies, instead just making it to the other side of the level, but there’s a buttload of enemies that keep appearing as well as Boo enemies that have the ability to put you back near the start. The Boos also can’t be defeated and they spawn quite randomly so they’re just a massive pain.

Still, it’s a great challenge and requires a different strategy to defeating all the opponents, and as you can watch in the video below, I got through it.