Bargain Guide – God of War

The cheapest copy of God of War starting with local retailers and finishing off with online only deals. We will update with new & special prices as they come in up until launch day. 

Roaring onto shelves Friday, April 20th is the long awaited PS4 title God of War. Multiple retailers have shield DLC, preorder DLC and Day One box art, JB also have an exclusive Limited Edition.

JB & BIG W currently has the cheapest retail launch day price at $69

Retail Stores:
Big W – $69
JB Hi-Fi – $69, $119 Limited Edition
Target – $75
EB Games – $100 Day One Edition

Base – $78 posted
OzGameShop – $77 posted
MightyApe – $76 posted, $81 Day One Edition posted
Gamesmen – $78 pickup
Amazon – $69 posted

PSN – $100 Digital Edition

      1. He means available Friday mate.. By ‘now’ he meant it was showing as $89 originally and then the price changed closer to the date as it usually does. I always buy from JB as they are always the cheapest on launch day. EB Games can go suck it! Don’t even know how they still in business!

        1. Yeah I figured. Just thought I’d seen that price earlier and had heard rumors of an early release. As for EB Games they are so expensive but from what I understand it’s not entirely their fault. Because places like JBHIFI and Big W sell things other than games they can afford to sell new release well below RRP but because EB is just games they have to make their money on big releases. That said they’re still a terrible company and seem to routinely mistreat their employees so I’m happy to be going elsewhere

          1. The only time I buy from EB is if they have something for the same price as everywhere else and I’m literally there or I’m walking past them and I find something cheap from their bargain bin.

  1. Also, for $75 Amazon will ship so it arrives on launch day. The shipping is expedited and they will ship it on Wednesday so there’s even an outside chance that you’ll get it one day early. The $69 option is not guaranteed to arrive for launch.

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