God of War Ragnarok

Sony Is Seemingly Staffing Up For The Next God Of War

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A suite of 24+ job listings posted by PlayStation, that have surfaced thanks to Portuguese gaming outlet Geekinout, looks to suggest that Santa Monica Studio is hiring up for a new God of War project.

While we already have an idea that the studio is working on multiple projects, and it would be silly not to assume at least one of them was God of War-related, one job posting in particular seems to point directly to a new game in the series.

“Join the award-winning team that created God of War,” the job ad for a Senior Combat Designer begins, before describing the role as pretty much what you’d expect – creating and implementing tools, systems, assets and more towards a game’s combat encounters and designs.

The interesting tidbit among the rest of the position description comes right at the end, where it’s stressed that “Candidates who are fluent with the combat design choices, systems, mechanics, and enemies in God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarök (2022) are preferred,” which is a pretty strong hint that said Senior Combat Designer would be working on more of the same.

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It could very well be that Santa Monica Studio is moving from pre-production phases for the next title into full development on the next God of War, and this hiring spree is an effort toward that, but obviously we’ll know nothing more concrete until the studio or PlayStation says it themselves.

Late last year, the studio dropped a huge and free DLC expansion for 2022’s God of War Ragnarök that added an entirely new roguelite mode with new mechanics and new bits of story to be found. God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla can be downloaded for free right here for owners of the base God of War Ragnarök game on both PS5 and PS4.