Bargain Guide – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Buster Sword, not your piggy bank.

The cheapest copy of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth starting with local retailers and finishing off with digital-only prices. We will update with new and special prices as they come in up until launch day on February 29th.

Making Haste onto shelves on Thursday the 29th of February is the PlayStation 5-exclusive Final Fantasy VII Rebirth! This middle entry in Square Enix’ ambitious Final Fantasy VII Rebirth project is coming in as both a Standard and Deluxe Edition at physical retail and on the PlayStation Store (the Collector’s Edition was sadly not made available in Australia).

Digitally, the game is also available as a “Twin Package” with Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade included at the exact same cost as Rebirth on its own.

Physically, EB Games is offering an exclusive Final Fantasy VII Rebirth “controller grip” with pre-orders of either edition, while JB is offering a digital Shinra Bangle Accessory DLC with pre-orders and other retailers also have a Midgar Bangle Accessory DLC bonus.



Amazon – $99 Standard | $169 Deluxe Edition | $148 bundle with Final Fantasy VII Remake including free release day delivery

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JB Hi-Fi – $99 Standard Edition

EB Games – $119.95 Standard | $169.95 Deluxe Edition 

Big W – $99 Standard Edition

Harvey Norman – $98 Standard Edition

MightyApe – $89 Standard | $159 Deluxe Edition plus postage

Gamesmen – $109 Standard | $169.95 Deluxe Edition


PlayStation Store – $114.95 Standard, $144.95 Digital Deluxe Edition, $114.95 Twin Pack, $144.95 Digital Deluxe Twin Pack

I recently had the chance to join the Square Enix lead developers in Los Angeles and check out the first four hours of the game, saying, “After pretty much having the DualSense controller pried out of my hands at the end of our session, I’m filled with nothing but excitement for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and unwavering confidence in this team to deliver something that’s true to the 27-year-old source material, but also fiercely modern, filled to the brim with new experiences and with an identity all its own. Bring on February 29.”