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Final Fantasy XVI’s 1.31 Update Is Out Now And Lets You Pet Torgal More Frequently

Best boy, now even better.

Update: And the update is out now! Along with the release of The Rising Tide expansion, players can now download the 1.31 update for Final Fantasy XVI regardless of whether they pick up the DLC or now. See below for what’s new:

Original Story: Final Fantasy XVI’s much-awaited major DLC expansion, The Rising Tide, is set to launch very soon on April 18th and Square Enix has now revealed the extent of the game’s next major update, which will drop at the same time and be available to everyone regardless of whether they opt to purchase the DLC or not.

The update packs in some great new features, including the ability to customise the controller layout as well as set up to five Eikon skill sets, both of which are quality-of-life additions many have been hoping to see since the game released.

But, of course, the most important update of all:

“Made adjustments to when Torgal can be petted and lowered time before re-petting.”

You can see the full list of patch notes for the update launching alongside The Rising Tide below. We also published an interview with the game’s DLC Director, Takeo Kujiraoka, yesterday which reveals a few more details on the scope of the DLC itself and what players can expect from Leviathan both as an Eikon battle and as a new suite of abilities for Clive. Read that here.

Final Fantasy XVI Update 1.31 Patch Notes

The following content is available to all players:

Additional In-game Content

  • Orchestrion rolls added to regional shops.
    Rolls available depend on main scenario progress.

Battle Adjustments

  • Player ATK increased outside of select Eikon battles.
  • Quality of life UI additions made in certain Eikon battles.

Eikonic Ability & Feat Adjustments

  • Two instances of ball lightning will fire when exacting Ramuh’s Eikonic Feat Blind Justice.
  • Ball lightning affixed to enemies is now detonated via the feat button rather than attacking.
  • Clive now moves faster while using Blind Justice.
  • Clive can now dodge while using Blind Justice.
  • Clive recovers poise more quickly after exacting Blind Justice.
  • When canceling Bahamut’s Eikonic Feat Wings of Light, the Megaflare charge will only deplete to the next gauge level.
  • A dodge is conducted when initiating Wings of Light.
  • Successfully dodging an enemy attack when initiating Wings of Light will trigger a Megaflare Dodge.
  • Parry animation when using Odin’s Eikonic Feat Arm of Darkness has been changed.
  • The minimum jump height for initiating Stomp has been lowered.
  • The direction Clive faces after using Swift Recovery has been adjusted.
  • Limit Break attacks now lift enemies instead of knocking them back.
  • Gouge damage is increased.
  • Gouge will damage is increased.
  • Gouge recast time is reduced.
  • Aerial Blast now dispels certain ranged magic attacks.
  • Aerial Blast will damage is increased.
  • Windup area of effect is increased.
  • Earthen Fury recast time is reduced.
  • Flare Breath now dispels certain ranged magic attacks.
  • Flare Breath now lifts enemies instead of knocking them back when canceling the ability.
  • Flare Breath damage is increased.
  • Satellite damage is increased.
  • Satellite recast time is reduced.
  • Satellite will damage is increased.
  • Ice Age damage is increased.
  • Ice Age will damage is increased.
  • Ice crystal generated when using Rime will now better draw in nearby enemies.
  • Rime will damage is increased.
  • Gungnir recast time is reduced.
  • Gungnir will damage is increased.
  • Heaven’s Cloud chained follow-up attacks can now be focused on a single enemy by locking on to the enemy.
  • Heaven’s Cloud will damage is increased.
  • Heaven’s Cloud recast time is reduced.
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Accessory Adjustments

  • Effectiveness of the following accessories has been improved:
    • Favor of Wind (Gouge)
    • Favor of Wind +1 (Gouge)
    • Breath of Earth (Earthen Fury)
    • Breath of Earth +1 (Earthen Fury)
    • Breath of Darkness (Gungnir)
    • Breath of Darkness +1 (Gungnir)
    • Breath of Darkness (Heaven’s Cloud)
    • Breath of Darkness +1 (Heaven’s Cloud)
    • Cavall’s Fang
    • Cavall’s Fang +1
    • Cavall’s Bite

Other Changes to Actions

  • Alleviated rare issue of Clive jumping when accessing objects under certain conditions.
  • Made adjustments to when Torgal can be petted and lowered time before re-petting.
  • Made adjustments to calculations for amount of damage taken when near death.


  • A “Quick Complete” function has been added, giving players the option to warp directly to a quest-giver upon completing a quest’s final objective.
  • A new quest icon has been assigned to quests which reward collectables.
  • Ability Point awards for certain sidequests have been increased.
  • Additional cutscenes have been added to certain sidequests.
  • Minor changes have been made to cutscene staging.
  • New NPCs have been added to certain settlements.


  • Added “Custom” controller type.
    Go to Controller Layout on the System tab in the Main Menu to freely assign functionality to the buttons on your controller.
  • Skill Sets have been added.
    Players can now save up to 5 skill sets. Swap between sets with L1/R1.
  • The following functionality has been added to Photo Mode:
    • Focal Distance adjustability in Depth of Field setting
    • Tone Correction
    • Screen Effects
    • Portrait Mode
    • 90-degree rotation in Roll functionality
  • Minor updates and additions to the Thousand Tomes.
  • Visual updates to the State of the Realm timeline slider.
  • Updates and additions to the UI and various menus.