Costco Sale

Costco Is Having A Decent Gaming Sale

Cheap games have been spotted at Costco Epping (Victoria) earlier today by reader Katherine M.

In particular, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee bundles with the Pokeball Plus can be had for $39.97. This is a huge discount from the RRP of $119 that the bundle normally has.

PS4 and Xbox Games such as The Division 2 ($14.97), Gears 5 ($14.97), Battlefield V ($14.97), Metro Exodus ($14.97) and Fallout 76 ($12.87) were also spotted. More games were also on sale, but unfortunately we haven’t received images of these.

We’re unsure if this sale is happening at Costcos around Australia, so please call your store before heading down there. Obviously, you’ll also need to be a Costco member (or have someone else go grab the games for you).