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JB Hi-Fi Is Clearing Out A Heap Of Games

Balan's not a hobby, it's my occupation.

It feels about the right point in the current generation of gaming consoles that retailers are starting to gather up all their old stock and set it on fire sell it for dirt-cheap prices to make way for newer and shinier things. Especially as we move reluctantly deeper and deeper into the digital age, it seems like anything printed on a disc and taking up precious shelf space in stores is now destined for the bargain bin no matter how genuinely good it might be.

Case in point – a whole lot of the banger titles in JB Hi-Fi’s current crop of clearance games which is big enough to warrant its own dedicated hub on their internet website.

You can have a peruse at what will hopefully be an ever-shifting, ever-evolving and surprising online catalogue in full right here but, well, you know how this works. There’s a list underneath with the stuff I thought you should spend your money on before you waste it buying pictures of monkeys wearing funny berets. Might be worth popping down to your local to see what hidden treasures they’re hiding as well, or to circumvent the one-per-customer limit they’ve put on Balan Wonderworld.

JB Hi-Fi Games Clearance Sale


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Nintendo Switch


Balan Wonderworld

Thanks Kotaku Australia for the heads up about this sale!