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EB Games Is Doing Some Insane Deals On Games This Weekend Including $9 Gotham Knights


EB Games might tend to err on the side of more expensive for most of the year when it comes to games software, but occasionally when they’re having a sale they’re having a sale.

Case in point – some two-day-only additions to their current promotion, running this weekend April 22nd-23rd only and featuring a few games at obscene, unheard-of prices. For example, how about Gotham Knights for just $9? Yep. Nine bucks. That game came out in, what? October last year? Or maybe you’d fancy the traditionally-pricey PlayStation 5/PC exclusive, Returnal, for an undeniably-cheap $19. At EB Games.

Take a look at everything on offer right here, there’s a bunch of hats and shirts and other collectible stuff dropped right down in price as well, or give the below highlights a tasty little click and secure yourself some dirt-cheap loot.

EB Games Weekend Deals

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We’ll be sure to keep an eye on whether EB adds to this list or if Amazon decide to match any of these prices.

For what it’s worth, we quite enjoyed Gotham Knights, saying “Gotham Knights is both something different and something familiar for Batman fans. While the new role-playing elements create some pacing issues throughout the story, the breadth of abilities and ease of progression stop the experience from being as tedious as it could have been,” and for the bargain price of $9 you might be able to rope a friend in for some two-player cooperative action.