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The Xbox Store Has A Bunch Of Incredible Backwards-Compatible Xbox 360 Games On Sale

Yesterday's games, today!

Although my Xbox Series X maybe doesn’t get quite the same amount of attention as some of my other consoles, its place as a time machine to transport me back to the glorious days of the Xbox 360 is undeniable and incredibly important.

That’s why a series of current promotions on the Xbox digital storefront is so exciting to me right now, slashing prices on a bunch of bonafide Xbox 360 classics (and a handful of great OG Xbox stuff) that are backwards compatible on the modern Xbox consoles for an even better experience than ever.

Seriously, if you’ve never touched the likes of Spec Ops: The Line, Binary Domain, Rayman Legends, Lost Odyssey or Psychonauts you’re missing some truly underrated masterpieces. You could try trawling through the entire list of back-compat games on the Xbox web store or just cast the balls of your eyes down yonder for a quick list of what stood out to us as worth picking up:

Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible Games On Sale

Note that some of the below titles might already be included in various subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass/EA Play/Ubisoft+. These deals end on May 23rd.

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Original Xbox Backwards Compatible Games On Sale