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The Epic Games Store Mega Sale Is Back With Unlimited 25% Off Vouchers And A New Rewards Program

Grab a deal, or five!

The Epic Store is holding a huge sale event that can only be described as… epicThe Epic Games Mega Sale contains discounts on thousands of games and add-ons and runs from now until June 15th, 2023.

On top of discounting a huge range of titles up to 75% off, the store is also doing giveaways and handing out an unlimited number of 25% Off vouchers with the return of the Epic Coupon.

Starting with Death Stranding available right now, the EGS will also be doing its usually free game game giveaways, though it’s just one game per week this time around, with next week’s title still a mystery. Death Stranding will be available to claim as a permanent addition to any EGS library until May 26 at 1AM.

Arguably more exciting than that though, the Epic Games Store is also giving out limitless 25% Off discount vouchers once again with eligible game purchases.

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Every current EGS user should already have one voucher applied to their account to use on their first purchase during the sale, which will appear during checkout, and this voucher will apply to every game added to checkout that’s over AUD $22.99 – including everything already on sale or a combined cart total of at least $22.99. On top of that, as long as each purchase you make is over AUD $22.99 after applying the voucher you’ll be given another to use in the next cart. It’s madness. You can even filter games by a minimum cost of $22.99 in the EGS app!

Also introduced to coincide with this sale is a brand-new rewards program called Epic Rewards, which gives shoppers 5% back for every eligible purchase on the Epic Games Store, as credit that’s applied 14 days after purchase.

Between the base discounts in this new sale, the limitless extra discount on top of eligible titles, and now a 5% credit back on everything purchased, it’s definitely a good time to stock up on any PC games you’ve had your eye on at the Epic Games Store.

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