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Big W Will Be Slinging 10% Off Nintendo eShop Gift Cards For Black Friday

Just in time for Super Mario RPG!

Black Friday deal season is well and truly about to hit, and for those holding out hope for a Nintendo eShop gift card deal, Big W looks to be delivering this year. Thanks to our pals at Vooks, we now know that the retailer will be running a 10% off promotion on all Nintendo eShop digital gift cards, including prepaid Nintendo Switch Online membership cards and even DLC.

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The deal kicks off on November 21st and runs until November 27th, so you’ll have a good week to pop into your local Big Dub (unfortunately Nintendo eShop cards are still a physical-only thing at most retailers other than Amazon), and you can combine the savings on the currency with an upcoming Black Friday sale on the Nintendo Switch eShop itself. Yay!

Image Credit: Vooks

It’s also a great time to go shopping with Nintendo’s famous Switch Game Vouchers which can be had for for $134.95 on the eShop, and then use that to redeem any combination of two current or upcoming first party Nintendo titles – not a bad way at all to pick up the just-released Super Mario Bros. Wonder and this Friday’s Super Mario RPG.

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We just published our review for Super Mario RPG too, scoring it a 9/10 and saying, “Super Mario RPG is a strong remake of an already stellar game. It successfully focuses on improving the original in all the right places: a faster and snappier battle system, strong quality-of-life improvements and more difficult optional content. These improvements combine with the game’s already quirky charm to offer an experience that easily eclipses the original. While it’s overly simplistic compared to other RPGs, that’s ostensibly the point. Super Mario RPG is an oddball piece of Nintendo’s history like no other, and that alone makes it worth experiencing.”