Fox Sport’s Epic Chiefs Documentary Is A Great Insight Into Australian Esports

Airing last night on Fox Sports, the Chasing Worlds documentary is a great insight into the Australian Esports scene.

Following the journey of the Chiefs’ League of Legends team, the documentary which runs for just over an hour highlights the journey all the way to the world stage at the Oakland IEM. The team ended up ended up going down to Longzhu Gaming 2-0 in what was a valiant effort.

It’s well worth a watch for those who are looking for a way in to the Esports scene. It details everything really well and shows the Chiefs on a more personal level allowing you to follow their emotional rollercoaster.

I’m not the biggest Esports watcher personally, and I at times struggle to keep up with whats going on in the multiple leagues, but it was an incredibly entertaining watch and definitely peaked my interest.

You can watch it HERE.