Watch Today’s Insane Stampede To Legend of Zelda E3 Demo

By now, I’m sure you’ve read that The Legend of Zelda’s presence at E3 is absolutely unbelievable. It was definitely my favourite experience of the entire show, because it was just that, an experience. There are two option line options, one which allows you to watch the intro video and entry into the land of Zelda, and another which allows you to play the game. I must say, watching the video, which leads you into the world & then playing the game is an experience that could only be had at E3. I’m not surprised in the slightest that everyone wanted a piece of the game on the final day, with wait times being 3-4 hours in the dying moments of E3.

We’ve provided two different views below, but it clearly shows the desperation to play the next generation of The Legend of Zelda, and arguably one of the mort important games that Nintendo have ever created.

Our thoughts will be up over the coming days. We recorded us playing the first ten minutes of the game which you can watch HERE

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