A Way Out Is EA’s Newest Originals Title

Josef Fares, writer and director of Hazelight Studios, took the stage during EA’s conference to reveal what he’s been working on since finishing work on Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. A Way Out appears to be a heavily cinematic, co-op experience which has no single-player mode, instead, allowing for online and couch co-op.

You assume the role of either Vincent or Leo, two inmates who team up to break their way out of prison. Fares expressed how A Way Out isn’t a simple drop-in, drop-out experience, as Hazelight has developed characters with heart that you’ll be rooting for during your time with the game.

He also praised his game as being one full of unique experiences where you’ll work together in unison, much like the characters in Fares’ Brothers.

The game definitely looks like another stunning hit for indies.