EB Games Australia Is Bizarrely Not Taking Xbox One X Pre-Orders Yet

It’s particularly bizarre as you’ve actually been able to pre-order Project Scorpio until it was announced 12 months ago at E3.

It’s very clear that there’s reason behind this, but it’s not clear what this reason is. It could be due to the fact that EB Games hasn’t been told stock allocations or that they’re waiting for clarification that it’s OK for sale in Australia, but apart from this, we’re a little confused about why EB Games wouldn’t allow pre-orders. It’s been well-documented that they’ll take pre-orders for gaming items for months and even years before they’re released.

The Xbox One X releases on November 7th for $649 in Australia.

UPDATE: You can join the waitlist via their website.

  1. Weird, i had a Preorder on the Scorpio ages ago, I’ve been putting money on it slowly because i knew i would get this Console. Wonder how that works, haven’t been in to the store yet because of bad weather but I’m curious now.

    1. I went in this arvo and they weren’t taking pre-orders yet (wouldn’t say why) but when the new SKu goes live they will convert my Scorpio pre-order to the One X for me without me needing to come back in. Give your store a call to confirm if they will do the same.

      1. Went in and they have me on the list with my money still in place. They know me at my store so I’m all sorted.

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