Prey Is Taking You To The Moon Today, Getting Multiplayer Later

Arkane Studios appeared during Bethesda’s conference to announce a number of things about the future of Prey.

They first announced that, in a free update, going up tonight will now be story mode, new game plus and survival which offers more ways to play for fans of Prey.

Not only that but they’ve been hard at work on Mooncrash, a downloadable content package for Prey which is set on the Moon. It’s an everchanging experience that is different every time you play it, suggesting that it’s procedurally generated as was rumoured.

A new mode called Typhon Hunter was also announced, a lethal multiplayer hide-and-seek game where one player seeks out five others who are playing as mimics. Much like the mimics in Prey, they’re able to disguise themselves as everyday objects to blend into the scenery. It sounds like a lot of fun and will even be VR enabled.

You can download Mooncrash right now, but Typhon Hunter will be coming at a later date.