CrossfireX Is Coming First To Xbox In 2020

In accordance with a partnership with Smilegate, Phil Spencer announced that CrossfireX would be coming to Xbox first in 2020. It’s phrased as “first to console”, so we assume it’ll launch simultaneously for PC.

The game appears to feature large scale destruction, similar to what we saw in the original Crackdown reveal before it was scaled back during its lengthy development. Other than that, it’s suggested that in the midst of this destruction, you might find yourself going for a little swim where you’re able to engage with opponents.

Though it’s been confirmed that Remedy Entertainment, known for Quantum Break and the upcoming Control, are assisting Smilegate when it comes to delivering the game’s single-player campaign, we’re willing to bet that CrossfireX’s main draw is going to be in its multiplayer.

It looks rather nice in motion, that’s for sure.

CrossfireX is expected to launch in 2020.