The Witcher 3 Will Run At 540p In Handheld Mode On Nintendo Switch

Though it’s a miracle that The Witcher 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch at all, let alone coming with all of its expansions and fixings beyond the main game, it’s coming with a few serious caveats.

Before you panic, the header image isn’t indicative of the game’s Switch performance. It’s just a gag.

It’s been confirmed by the game’s official Twitter account that the game will run at 720p while docked, while in handheld it’ll run at just 540p. It’s hardly a surprise that the game would suffer some graphical downgrades, we dread to think about the goats sacrificed to even get The Witcher 3 to run on the hardware.

For comparison’s sake, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ran at 720p in handheld whereas it kicked it up a notch to 900p when it was docked. But of course, it’s apples and oranges considering Nintendo had the benefit of designing the game for the hardware.

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During another conversation thread, the account confirmed that the game would release on a 32GB card meaning it’s likely players won’t be required to download the remainder of the game’s content which is, quite honestly, a blessing.

Note: Apologies for the swears in the embedded tweet, Giorno is clearly as excited as we all are.

Though we do know Geralt is making his way to the Nintendo Switch, we don’t know when exactly yet. The game is expected to release sometime this year, hopefully a concrete date isn’t far away.



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