The Avengers Game Won’t Let A Team Of Hulks Loose On The World

Thanks to an interview over at Eurogamer, we’ve learned that Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers videogame isn’t going to let players use the same heroes when taking the fight online. The game’s lead designer Philippe Therian confirmed that players won’t be breaking the universe canon by running riot as a team of unstoppable Hulks, which if you think about it is probably a very good thing.

“You have to play as different characters while online,” said Therian. “The Avengers all have different skills and talents and we want people to have a fully-fleshed out team. It wouldn’t be the Avengers otherwise.”

With a roster ranging from mortal men to literal gods, it’s fair to say a lot of balancing must go into making sure each character brings something to the table so people won’t immediately go clamoring for Thor, who possesses the power of bloody lightning.

“It’s a cool design challenge,” admits Therian. “You have everything from the grounded humans with amazing abilities to gods, effectively. So, coming up with ways for them to feel strong but have – because it’s a game – some form of balancing. I think we’ve struck a good balance – the heroes definitely represent their most recognisable traits when you play. I think people will get that.”

He also confirmed that Black Widow will, indeed, “kick as much ass as Thor” stating that all of the game’s heroes can “wreck house”.

So it’s great to hear that considerable thought has gone into making The Avengers a balanced and rewarding experience no matter who your choice of hero is, that certainly takes some doing from a design standpoint.

Marvel’s The Avengers releases May 15, 2020.