Opinion: How inFAMOUS Could Draw Inspiration From The Amazing Spider-Man 2

During the course of the long weekend, my best friend (the biggest Spider-Man nut I know) and I adventured to the local cinema to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Rise of Electro.

What a great movie it is! Even though I am neither a movie critic, nor a Marvel fanboy, I won’t hesitate to recommend this movie to anyone. Advertisements aside, during my viewing I couldn’t help to study main antagonist Electro, portrayed by Jamie Foxx, and more specifically his powers.


Electro is an electrically supercharged being that can disperse electricity at will, not unlike Cole McGrath, protagonist from the first two Infamous titles. This led me to wonder, after the visually impressive feats developer Sucker Punch created for their most recent game, Infamous: Second Son, is there a chance they could go back and develop another Cole game? Or could they simply follow the story of another electrical powered conduit? (Which was mentioned through the player’s detective work in the Infamous: Second Son’s “Paper Trail” DLC.) And if they did, could Sucker Punch use The Amazing Spider-Man’s Electro as a reference point?

The potential for beauty is there, the proof is in the thousands of pictures being posted from Infamous via PS4 Share, the main issue would be finding the perfect use and balance between the mediums. Obviously film won’t transfer well to gameplay, it rarely does. But I believe the individual strands of electrical current mixed with the various, nebulous colours trailing from Electro may certainly be a game design possibility, specifically for the next generation of gaming. Just take a look at the pictures attached to the article for proof.

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If developed, the colours could even vary based on your karmic alignment, a formula that is the foundation of the Infamous series. Blues, purples and whites for good karma and red, oranges and blacks for bad karma. In summing up, I definitely feel that Sucker Punch could go back to Cole or create a brand new character all together to create another inFAMOUS title based on what i’ve discussed. There is more to explore with electricity both visually and through the use of game design that Sucker Punch have not yet delved into.

Either way tell me what you think, could it be possible for Sucker Punch to take a reference from Spider-Man’s Electro? Do you want another outing with electricity based powers? What did you think of Infamous or even The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Let us know in the comments below.