Roundtable: Expectations of Nintendo’s E3

Nintendo E3 KevinI’ll admit it, I bit the bullet and bought a Wii U. And you know what? I don’t regret it one bit. The console is fantastic and I’m begging for some more exclusives to really justify the purchase. To be completely blunt, the Wii U is the only ‘next-gen’ console that has really managed to back up its claims. Everything the Wii U has promised, it has delivered. Despite assertions of its impending death, I think the Wii U has a lot of potential. Hardware doesn’t mean anything, the Wii U has a lot going for it and has delivered entertainment and a real next-gen experience, in my opinion. As a primarily PC player, the potential of the Wii U is very valuable for me.

What do I hope to see? Well a new Zelda, maybe Star Fox, Donkey Kong, hell, a new Metroid would be absolutely bloody fantastic. None of these will happen of course, but one can dream.

Honestly, new iterations or sequels of the aforementioned titles would not only boost Wii U sales, but reaffirm Nintendo’s status as king of games, something that has been lost amidst the ridiculing from gamers.

What I would love to see this E3 are demos of Super Smash Bros. on both the Wii U and the 3DS. A fantastic co-release on both devices is a smart move, and there are a lot of people who will double dip and buy it on both platforms. I’d like if there is some sort of cross-integration between the two as well.

Other than that, some gameplay on the new Fatal Frame would be great to see. Implementing the GamePad as the camera in the widely-acclaimed horror series is nothing short of genius, and I’m dying to get my hands on an old school, terrifying Japanese style horror game.

Bayonetta 2 was the tipping point that convinced me to get the Wii U, and I’m dying to play it. I’ve spent close to two hundred hours on the first game and I have faith that PlatinumGames can deliver again. More footage at this point would be overkill, but another showing of it at E3 wouldn’t be surprising. Expect great things.

Nintendo E3 Dean
Nintendo are running a two very different races. On the one hand, the 3DS is going as strong as ever and clearly leading this generation in terms of sales and sheer popularity. Their home offering, the Wii U, has not had the same success.

After a low key event last year, it is now Nintendo’s time to really come out all guns blazing and help maintain the small amount of momentum that the Wii U currently has. We might have just seen the turning point with Mario Kart 8 getting its release, but this momentum really must now be built to ensure the continued success of the console. Nintendo have a history of playing by their own rules, sometimes for success, with their image, and sometimes it’s a detriment as their ability to get games out isn’t stellar. It will interesting to see if Nintendo decide to become a little more mainstream this year.

I want Nintendo to really focus on the Wii U and make it their priority. That is not to say that they need to abandon the 3DS, but they need to give their attention where it is needed.

It would be great if Nintendo announce that they have negotiated new deals with third-party developers to develop some exclusive titles for the Wii U. We have already seen Nintendo allow the Zelda licence to be used by Tecmo Koei to develop Hyrule Warriors. This could be a viable option for Nintendo to ensure they can get the volume of games needed on the Wii U, while retaining some quality control.

I want to see some classic announcements, such a Zelda U and Star Fox, however it is time for Nintendo to start using their creative muscle and show some new Nintendo IPs. I also want to see some solid release dates. Whether or not you are interested in Bayonetta 2 is not I think a lot of people are tired of not knowing when some key games are going to hit the shelves.

I don’t want to see Nintendo fall into their old ways. It is now 2014 and we need to see a company that is more open and willing to look at what their competitors are doing better and implement some new ideas. I don’t want to see a Nintendo that has a superiority complex. Nintendo have needed to eat a lot of humble pie this past eighteen months. I don’t want them to think that giving a five second trailer to a game with no release date is going to cut it.

I’m in a bit of a weird place with Nintendo right now. I love them to death, I hold many of their IP near and dear to my heart. On the other hand, some of their comments and outdated polices make it hard to keep supporting them.

That being said, Nintendo does have a lot in the works that I’m excited about. The 3DS is still doing well, and Mario Kart 8 has shown maybe there is still some hope for the Wii U. There are also few titles that have gone dark since they were announced namely, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Yarn Yoshi, and Monolithsoft’s “X”. These are three titles that have little to nothing shown or known about them. So I hope we finally get some release dates on these titles, or in the very least a new trailer to hold for another year.

Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Sonic Boom and the Wii U iteration of The Legend of Zelda will make an appearance this year. The last thing I can see happening, is another push for Virtual Console for Wii U; this is based on Japan just getting their first DS Virtual Console game, in the form of Brain Age. So I can see Nintendo deciding to release an announcement of a launch line-up of Virtual Console DS games, and personally I want to see another push on the GBA and SNES front. The problem is that, there is obviously a difference between what I want from the Wii U and what I can predict. For me, that line becomes blurred with the Wii U.

I honestly don’t have the faintest clue what Nintendo has in store.

Maybe it’s time to bust out Metroid again, F-Zero would be nice, and I would love to see another Punch-Out. While Punch-Out is the most unlikely of the Bunch, the only way I can justify these is that Nintendo’s well-being has been a topic of much speculation of the past few months. I imagine Nintendo would want to put that unease to rest. We’re also in the second year of the console’s lifespan and this will be the console’s fourth presence at an E3.

We have had high points and low points of the system. It’s time to show us what you have planned for the Wii U’s future, Nintendo.

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