E3 2014: Photos From The Show Floor – Day 1

Our guest writer, Dave from FlamingToast has shared his amazing photos from his first day on the floor of E3. Stay tuned for more photos, videos and hands-on impressions over the next few days.

IMG_0001 IMG_0098 IMG_0096 IMG_0037 IMG_0090 IMG_0089 IMG_0087 IMG_0086 IMG_0081 IMG_0080 IMG_0079 IMG_0078 IMG_0077 IMG_0076 IMG_0075 IMG_0073 IMG_0072 IMG_0070 IMG_0069 IMG_0067 IMG_0064 IMG_0063 IMG_0059 IMG_0058 IMG_0056 IMG_0053 IMG_0050 IMG_0049 IMG_0045 IMG_0043 IMG_0042 IMG_0039 IMG_0038 IMG_0036 IMG_0035 IMG_0034 IMG_0033 IMG_0032 IMG_0031 IMG_0030 IMG_0028 IMG_0027 IMG_0023 IMG_0022 IMG_0021 IMG_0020 IMG_0019 IMG_0018 IMG_0013 IMG_0013-2 IMG_0012 IMG_0010 IMG_0008 IMG_0007 IMG_0005 IMG_0003